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Professional Weather Graphics

TriVis is the most powerful graphics solution for the visualisation of meteorological data for all digital media. It guarantees a very cost-effective and flexible production of weather shows. Its complete feature-set including the latest 3D computer graphics meets all demands of heterogeneous production environments. It can produce any weather situation imaginable in 2D or 3D. TriVis can produce various formats such as still pictures, dynamic graphics or complete films. It supports many different data and forecast models of numerous meteorological services. Interactive lettering, symbols and even animated meteorological frontal systems can also be visualized. TriVis is your easy-to-use professional tool for creating sophisticated weather shows.

Turnkey Solutions with Complete TV Studio

Depending on the requirements of our customers we also deliver turnkey broadcast solutions including a complete television studio together with the on-site installation and all corresponding trainings. Our customers in this case just provide empty rooms with electricity and simple computer network for the supply of weather data and the dissemination of complete weather forecast videos. A fibre optics video link is optional. The visualisation of the meteorological data as well as the real-time playout is performed with TriVis Weather Graphix. Multi-camera set-ups are possible as well as touchscreen solutions in Chroma-key environments and much more. Contact us to see how we can also help you to leap into the weather content creation world!

Weather Graphics by TriVis
Weather Graphics by TriVis
Weather Graphics by TriVis

More affordable than you think!

TriVis is available in different packages to suit all budgets and requirements. At any time customers can up- or downgrade when budgets or requirements change. For example, a customer who started with a graphics production service contract can upgrade to local software operation inheriting the existing design. Furthermore a customer making use of our 24/7 support during a nursing period can downgrade the service when local capacity has been build up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.

Legendary Reliability?

Yes. TriVis Weather Graphix is used in daily operational weather productions since December 1992. Since then it has successfully produced on-air weather content for broadcasts every single day without exception. Most of all: No on-air failure was yet caused by TriVis.

Highest Quality of Graphics?

Yes. By applying the most modern computer technology TriVis guarantees the highest possible graphics quality in all its media products (see below). This includes smooth 3D flights, terrain visualisation with a resolution of up to 2.5 metres, complex 3D objects, realistic shadows, animated reflecting water surfaces and much more. Of course, all output is created with industry leading full-scene anti-aliasing.

Global Support?

TriVis Weather Graphix is operated 24/7 from Scandinavia to South Africa and from the Caribbean across the Middle East to Asia. Customers can choose between different support options. For example phone and mail support, help forum access and online ticket system interface are available. 24/7 service can be booked as an option also globally.

Operation System?

To achieve maximum reliability (see above) TriVis production is operated on Linux systems (e.g., RedHat, CentOS, OpenSUSE). To achieve maximum flexibility in the studio environment, the touchscreen component of TriVis is operated under Microsoft Windows.

Media Formats?

Daily, TriVis is operated to produce a wide variety of different media: Broadcast media for TV and social media, maps for online and digital signage, vector output for print (newspapers) and geo-referenced graphics layers for WMS/WFS applications. National and private weather services make use of this possibility to create cross-media output very efficiently. Broadcast content can be produced up to full 4K UHD.

Data Formats?

For our customers we have developed and are maintaining a very mighty data ingest interface. This allows to import, process and visualise weather data from a wide variety of sources in the most common WMO formats such as GRIB1/GRIB2, BUFR/TAC etc. In addition, TriVis can ingest GeoTIFF, ESRI shapefiles, ECW and more.


TriVis most flexibly integrates into modern heterogeneous production environments at broadcasters and weather services. This is achieved by providing interfaces to newsroom automation (Mosart etc.), virtual studio systems (Vizrt etc.), desktop publishing systems (InDesign etc.), web mapping systems (Geoserver etc.), social media (YouTube etc.) and more.

Total Cost of Ownership?

Our customers achieve maximum benefit for a very reasonable total cost of ownership. For example, TriVis fully automatically operates a weather channel by generating and distributing the graphics content in 24/7 manner. Furthermore, TriVis is used to daily create over 100 newspaper products each in a different design from a single source of data. The high degree of automation and the low requirements for maintenance result in the most effective use of staff and equipment ressources.

Turnkey Solution?

Depending on the requirements of the customers, TriVis Weather Graphix is available as a service (production of content in our computing centre), as a software-only package (customer provides hardware infrastructure) and as a complete turnkey solution (software together with complete equipment including full TV studio if required).

Touch Presentation?

As an alternative to the TriVis Realtime Playout solution the also available TriVis Touchscreen solution can be installed. This fully interactive real-time operated software allows the presenter to superimpose the weather data above the globe, draw frontal systems and set high / low pressure symbols. All that is needed for such a set-up is a touch-sensitive display, which is connected via USB and HDMI to a suitable standard Windows PC.

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